3 Keys To A Fulfilling and Successful Career

3 Keys To A Fulfilling and Successful Career

What are the 3 keys to a fulling and successful career?

Passion. Genius. Demand.
When these three mix you have a powerful force to create a successful life you love.

Passion: What gets your juices flowing? What is it that you see others doing that gives you that pang in your gut cause you know thats what you want to be doing? What lights you up to talk about? What do you do that makes you lose time?

Genius:  What is it that you possess that is your special gift? That thing people always point out about you? That thing that comes so natural you probably have discounted it? Dan Sullivan calls this “Unique Ability”

What is your unique abililty?

Demand: What’s the 100,000 dollar problem people have that you can solve?

When you look around, what is it that you see people struggling with that they desire a solution for? What need or want do you notice that others aren’t serving or not doing it at a level that you feel you can deliver?

See when you have skills that are in demand in the the world, but you have no passion for it we call that a JOB!

When you have skills and passion but nobody will pay for it we call that a HOBBY

When you have passion and there is a demand in the market for it, but lack the skill sets to perform well we call that a FANTASY or DREAM

Look for that intersecting point in your life right now.

Where do your passions, Genius and demand collide?

If your unclear about either of these take some time to get clarity buy working with a coach or mentor to get you straight!


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