Create Power and Momentum By Simply Changing Your Focus

Create Power and Momentum By Simply Changing Your Focus

7975024_m Ancient wisdom and a little self awareness will tell you that what ever you focus on expands. Period. You create power and momentum by simply changing your focus.

Instead of focusing on the problem or what we don’t want want like “I’m tired”  I’m  overwhelmed” “I don’t know where I’m going in life” “I’m not motivated to do  anything”  “my mind won’t shut off” “I’m so out of shape” let’s focus on how we would  like to be  different.

By default our minds have a tendency to focus toward the negative like not getting what we want or losing something we already have. Have you had that experience? What happens in your mind? Usually you will see a movie or picture of the unwanted scenario.

As far as our emotional body goes whatever it see’s on our “Mind Screen” it will respond to, putting us into fight or flight or an unresourceful  state.

Why not focus on how you would like things to be different? Let’s expand that reality, right?! Let’s make sure what our emotional body see’s moves us in a more productive and positive direction.

In order to shift your focus from the problem to the outcome you want to create you need to organize your thinking in a more empowering way. Let’s do this together. Better to have an experience then just some more useless knowledge of cool stuff that has no impact on your life.

Are you with me? Great.

First identify the unwanted situation or state of being you want to shift. Do you have something you would like to change or a problem you’ve been obsessing over? As an example let’s use “I’m totally not motivated to do anything”

Ask yourself “How do you want to be different?”   Make sure this statement is stated in the positive. Write this statement down and say it out loud to yourself.

For my example above it would be “I want to feel motivated and inspired”

Then ask yourself  “What inner resources will support me in accomplishing this?”  Write this down

My belief is that we each have all the resources we need to make our next developmental leap.

So what resource would you need to make this leap?

Some examples could be: Playfulness, patience, curiosity, wonder, clarity, flexibility…. There are hundreds

For my example above I would need to tap the resource of “Discipline, Drive, Determination”

What resources do you need? Write these down and say them out loud.

Then ask yourself these series of questions, allowing a few minutes to close your eyes and see on your inner mind screen the new reality:

Question 1: “How will making this change affect your life?”  Allow your mind to imagine this new reality. 

Question 2: When you have made this change, how will you look and sound?  Allow your mind to imagine this new reality. Really allow yourself to see what you see. 

Question 3: When you have made this change, how will you think differently? Take a second, with this change already made, what are the thoughts that go through your head…take a second to discover those new thoughts.

Question 4: When you have made this change, how will you move/act differently?  Allow your mind to imagine this new reality, watching yourself and how you move through time and space. 

Question 5: When you have made this change, how are you feeling? Feel into your body and notice the different state of being your in. 

You can do this process in minutes and totally shift your negative state into one that fuels your motivation and creates a feeling of possibility.

Simple yet powerful.

That is the foundation for creating power and momentum by simply changing your focus.


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