John: The Mastery Approach

Prior to becoming a coach and mentor for business owners, executives, and creatives, John was the owner of Rhythm Massage Studio and practiced as a successful massage therapist to celebrities, rock stars and athletes.  Through his work as a Licensed Massage Therapist and over 14,000 hours of hands-on experience, John developed a unique method of active listening, using the body as a means to help clients access their intuition and wisdom through getting them out of their heads and present in their bodies.  But although he had built a thriving bodywork practice, he ultimately felt he was only treating the effects — and not dealing with nor shifting the cause — of his clients’ problems.

Wondering why his clients showed up every week with pain, he realized that anxiety, overwhelm, reactivity, fear, making poor life choices, and habitually unproductive thinking patterns were what led to the pain and dis-ease in their body.  So over the last several years, John decided to relentlessly work to acquire the skills and tools that would enable him to help his clients shift in more holistic and ultimately transformative ways.

To deepen his understanding of the human condition, he studied NLP, neuroscience, leadership and empowerment, productivity, hypnosis, and mind-body medicine.  He combined them all to hone a new and unique coaching process that facilitates personal and organizational change … helping his clients achieve lasting shifts and helping them shape happier and more fulfilling lives.

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