A Tool for Overcoming Depression

Let’s get Depressed!! Has anyone ever said that to you? I don’t think i’ve ever been asked to make myself depressed. Have you? Well, there is a first time for everything.

For most people it’s usually the opposite, they strive for and desire some form of happiness in their lives. Yet they are seemingly pulled by some unseen force like gravity down toward a state depression.

SO here we go, ready to get depressed? From this moment forward I want you to only think about yourself and what you currently not getting in life, what you don’t have, what you never got in your past and what you will never get till the day you die (really or imagined). Do this for the next few minutes and notice where you end up.

Depressed yet? You should be. You have just experienced the secret to how most people create depression.
Their thoughts, self talk and daydreams are focused only on themselves and everything they lack. They tell stories to themselves and others about what they didn’t get as a child, or at school or at their job or in their relationships. They compare themselves to others and only see what they don’t have, thus creating a state of despair. Hence the term Compare and Despair.

This is how I create a state a state of depression, too!

See my belief is that if you understand how you create a state of being, you can then learn how to NOT create it or actually create the opposite.

SO what do you think the antidote is?

I’m tempted to leave you with a cliff hanger, but that would not be the most responsible thing to since you probably put yourself in a not so good state.

Awareness, Acceptance, Action

First, if you find yourself sinking into a state of depression don’t STOP IT, just Notice IT. Become really CURIOUS and start to WONDER about how YOU specifically create it, where do YOU focus your attention to get into a depressed state? What do you say to yourself? What movies do you play in your mind?

At fist this my be a bit difficult, it takes a little practice to shift your attention and not completely stop the process you are trying to notice. Just keep at it and you will find it easier and easier the more you do it.

Second, accept that his is how YOU do it. It just is. Don’t make up any stories around this. Don’t drive yourself deeper into depression beating yourself up and how your not this or not that (again the strategy for depression)

Third, be Proactive. Take responsibility for your emotional and mental wellbeing. Decide and commit to no longer being a victim.

If the depression has already set in, it difficult to just think your way out.
You NEED TO MOVE YOUR BODY. Get up, take a walk, go for a run, sit up from your desk and stretch, change the seat you are sitting in to break the pattern. Go drink a big glass of water (really, I do this). You can also take your fingertips and tap your chest right infront of your heart for 2 minutes with a good amount of pressure and nice tempo and take slow deep breathes focusing your attention on your heart. Did you know your heart is the largest creator of electromagnetic energy in your entire body? Wake that baby up!!!!!!

Then focus your ATTENTION on one thing you are grateful for in your life. Right now. What is it?

You can take this in any direction you like. If I am in a tough situation and getting myself all wound up I ask myself ” what is the opportunity the universe if providing me in this very moment? What is it Im given the opportunity to learn or overcome? How can I reframe this to GIVE me energy and not take it away?

You can go deeper and think about the people you blame for not giving you want you wanted in life, ask yourself “What was the gift they DID give me? What can I take away from that experience that can help me moving forward?

You can also think about the possibilities that are on the horizon for you, all the potential you have to unleash onto the world and how you can serve others.

If you feel challenged about how to apply that potential in your life shoot I recommend hiring a coach or a really good somatic therapist to assist you. You can also email and I can give you some tips on how to start taking action around areas of potential or we can set up an intro coaching session to get you started in the right direction.

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