Modeling Behavior


This week I made a commitment to wake up at 6am everyday and write for 30 minutes. I wanted to finish at least one chapter of my book which for months I had been saying to people that I’m writing a book when in reality I was scribbling notes and working on concepts and not putting pen to paper (or fingers to key) and flushing these thoughts out. So I thought its time to come back into integrity and be my word.

It was a stretch and a challenge for me not only to focus each morning on witting consistently everyday but also in getting up at 6am in the winter. I have a belief that I need at least 7.5 hours of sleep to function. Anything less and I’m toast!

Its dark and cold in our room at 6am, unless you are under the super thick down comforter covering our bed. I didn’t fall asleep till midnight last night as my wife was sitting in bed preparing for a super packed four days of workshops and classes.My super loud alarm went off I was jarred out of a deep REM sleep. Quickly snoozed my alarm, felt the cold air on my face and turned to snuggle into my warm wife and heavy down blanket. I knew that I had about 15 seconds before I said “fuck it “and went back to sleep. Luckily my wife has also made a commitment to get up at 6 to do her meditation practice.
I whined that it was cold and we went to bed late and that it felt really good to under the covers. I was making a case to go back to sleep as I had 8 clients today and needed to be rested and sharp.

I said I wish I could be like Jake, my 9 yr old step son, who no matter how tired he is as soon as he wakes up a sits up really fast, and gets out of bed. Then it hit me, he’s got a great strategy for waking up.

I decide to try it on, I imagined how he did it first in my mind how he did it exactly, I saw that he also took a deep breath on the way up. I sat up really fast taking a quick deep inhalation on the way up and started laughing. I’ll be damned, I was sitting up, awake. It worked. I was amazed at how quickly I shifted from feeling like dead weight to being totally awake.

Are you a snoozer? Try on this strategy and let me know your experience!

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