488119_4291409441235_806217370_nWilliam PettitCEO of SEO Agency, Clixsy
“Working with John will be a lifetime program.”

I have always been a big believer in hiring coaches, mentors and being apart of a mastermind. I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in these types of programs.  Each program has been a stepping stone in my life. However, working with John will be a lifetime program. He has given me so much and helped me get unstuck and find my sweet spot, my “mojo”. I love this guy like a brother, and there has not been one other personal development coaches, I have hired, that I feel the same way about, and or has been able to get the results for me as John has.

10329952_10152199504628014_8463862543811889243_oDan DotyExecutive Producer ZPZ West, Director of Meat Eater and EP of Apex Predator 
“He has helped me build a sustainable pattern of growth . . .”

John O’Connor has been a great friend and mentor to me over the last five years. For the last two he has been my coach for two separate six-month blocks. In my time with him he has provided clarity, accountability, and a constant push into a bigger and more solid future. Specifically he has helped me build a sustainable pattern of growth—allowing me to get rid of a “boom and bust” pattern and stay grounded as I move forward. The benefits are clear and resoundingly powerful. With his support I have transitioned into a powerful and creative new career, accepted and grown from major personal and relational changes, and honed in on personally creative projects that mean the world to me. I am a motivated individual and he recognized my energy and capabilities and sharpened them into practical, effective and powerful changes in my life. I would recommend John’s coaching to anyone, but want to put a special plug in for those who know what they want and where they want to go. He helped me move into that next level, actually several next levels—and important for me—helped me stay there and look for more.

1264446_10100469330020994_2021459444_oCharles Livingston, Internet EntrepreneurFounder of Fat Loss Factor, Perfect Origins
“I trust him and know that he can help me work through any issue I have.”

I met John through a mutual friend that believed in him so much that he bought me a free session. All I can say is WOW. We worked through a lot of my work barriers and I owe the majority of my growth this year to him and the breakthroughs that he led me too. John is a very intuitive guy who is easy to talk to. He’s a master at getting to the root of your problems and then reverse engineering them to show you a great solution. Every session always ended with a solution that I just needed to implement and because of that, I’ve essentially been able to duplicate myself. I highly recommend John and I’ll be using him for years to come. He’s solid, I trust him and know that he can help me work through any issue I have.

1146460_10152831281793013_5153933779588101419_nJeremy LymanCo-owner of Birch Coffee, www.birchcoffee.com
“The growth I’ve personally experienced from working with John is hard to put a price tag on.”

About four years ago, my business partner and I opened a coffee shop. While we both had some restaurant operations experience, we were completely wet behind the ears when it came to every other element to running a business. The first year was a struggle. We collectively worked about 200+ hours a week and felt like we weren’t making major progress. I remembered John telling me about the massage therapy studio he owned and figured if I got my staff of 20 massages for the holidays, that would solve my problem. Instead, John made another suggestion. It was that instead of putting a mere band-aid on a gaping wound, we sit down for a coaching session and work on the underlying issues at hand.

I am happy to report that it is a little over a year later, my partner and I are working about 45-50 hours a week, paying ourselves our deserved salaries and we get about twice as much work accomplished. John has helped us in all of the crucial areas of our lives that allows us to grow all of the others. We can walk into our place of business and not worry about the day to day operations. Instead, we can focus on our growth both on a personal and business level and no longer have to buy our staff gifts in order for them to enjoy their working environment. The growth I’ve personally experienced from working with John is hard to put a price tag on.

10511632_10205374528461368_800052232631150470_oPaul SchladerCo-owner Birch Coffee, www.birchcoffee.com
“I’m blessed everyday for having such wonderful support in my life.”

For the last four years John has been my business and life coach. When we first started working together my business was in disarray. Morale was at an all time low and My business partner and I were pulling our hair out trying to sort out what was happening to our business that we cared so deeply for. From our first meeting things began to change. John helped us first break down tasks to make things more manageable. Next we looked at why morale was low and dealt with that. What became increasingly clear through our weekly meet up’s was that our staff didn’t need the overhaul, it was us. We had become so burnt out on work we had lost sight of taking care of ourselves. This was another wonderful thing John helped us focus on and what we continue to focus on to this day “Self Care”. Making time for myself and being honest about what my limits are. Additionally,  since working with John, my partner and I have opened two other businesses and are in the process of opening a second retail shop this year. John has done an amazing job of helping me see the value in myself and what I’m truly capable of. I’m blessed everyday for having such wonderful support in my life.

10299938_10152109646526615_6754082407366520613_nJohn Gill Sr.Owner and CEO of Xtreme Bright
“Not only is he a great coach but an amazing human being with a heart of gold.”

Although John has many clients, he always takes the time to stay current and focused on the specifics of what is happening in my life and business. He not only gives me strategies for changing old habits, but also constructively challenges my preconceptions so that I see the value and productiveness of new approaches to business management, positive mindset and marketing. John is just as open to change as he expects me to be, and if certain strategies do not fit my circumstances or personal strengths, he works with me to develop ones that do fit. John stays in my corner, but never tells me only what I want to hear. Not only is he a great coach but an amazing human being with a heart of gold. I value his insight and personal attention.

2a29d1dTom CangelosiVP at JP Morgan Chase
“I also found a better sense of inner peace and self-awareness.”

In January, 2014 after months of being highly stressed out, unhappy and lost with my job I reluctantly sought out a coach. I was skeptical at first but immediately after my first session with John I felt relieved and knew I was on a path towards self correction. John has a great way of making you think outside the box, to look inside yourself, to truly block out the noise and reflect on what’s most important to you. He gave me the tools and insights to move forward and helped me come up with a plan to better my situation. Five months later, I not only moved on to a new company and career path, but I also found a better sense of inner peace and self-awareness. I definitely attribute this to John’s teachings and insights.

547229_10151431653181359_1245286684_nJohn ErikOwner and Creative Director, www.karkula.com
“John’s savvy and engaging intelligence . . . has helped me to take ACTION.”

John O Connor has listened to my scattered thoughts, my repressed life goals and my entrepreneurial wanderings and helped me to focus on immediate and concrete methods to reach those goals. He is a well-rounded chap with an interesting and varied life experience whose suggestions and guidance appeal to me personally and never feel cliched or stale. John’s savvy and engaging intelligence allows a candid and comfortable interaction that has helped me to take ACTION.

167126_10150398086700626_4702576_nBarry BergmanVice President Artist Relations at officialCOMMUNITY
“John possesses the rare combination of focused creativity, business acumen and ethics.”

“I have known John O’Connor for over decade. I have found John to be a person of unparalleled maturity, professionalism and integrity. His values and principle based outlook on life are very inspirational. John possesses the rare combination of focused creativity, business acumen and ethics. I hold John O’Connor in my highest regard as both a friend and business professional.”

10612846_10152318214093741_4742051861654272296_nBrandon A.Mobile Solutions Architect at Mobiquity Inc
“I found him able to adapt to my particular frame of mind on any given day and tailor our sessions accordingly. . .”

Before I started working with John O’Connor I was in the middle of a career transition. The transition was modest: one area within IT to another, but was happening at a stage in my career (late 40s) where it might have been simpler to just remain in upper management, employed by others, “playing out the string” until retirement. However, the fact was I wasn’t really enjoying my career anymore and desired to return to a role where I could be more hands on technically. I had several challenges related to this choice. I struggled with self-doubt, second guessing what I believe I would be giving up financially and status-wise. As well, at first I was operating in a more entrepreneurial mindset relative to these changes, with thoughts of starting my own company. However, as the reality of dwindling finances kicked in, plus concerns about whether I ultimately have the drive and emotional chemistry required of a self-made business person, I eventually took a job in my new field. So far, it’s worked out, I’m quite happy, and the idea that this could yet spin itself into my own business venture is very much alive. At the very least I feel assured I will have opportunities to increase my income and responsibilities in the very near future—again, all within my new chosen profession.

So, within this context, John was instrumental in helping me to stay the course for a period of nearly a year. Overall, my work with him allowed me to build up emotional reserves that I was able to tap into in order to remain optimistic, patient and grateful. Through guided exercises, reading assignments, and direct conversation, John helped me examine and deemphasize key issues of mine, primarily the self-doubts mentioned above, plus negative old beliefs that crop up intermittently. John’s mapping exercises helped me step back and look objectively at my professional and personal situation in the context of examining my future goals—and in a repeatable manner that is helping me maximize my growing sense of new self, giving me greater purpose and direction and contributing to my overall sense of well-being.Working with John I learned to feel grateful for what I have, to see my transition as a journey and to enjoy it as such, without—though still driving forward of course—as much high-stakes investment in the actual outcome. As a result of working with John, I’ve been able to more quickly identify negative beliefs and replace them with more constructive thinking, as well as sort through the feelings perpetuating them. All of this has led to greater focus, less mental exhaustion and an overall sense of being “right-sized” (i.e. not to self-effacing and not too ego driven) for the greater task at hand. John takes a holistic approach, applying aspects of all these different support mechanisms depending on situational need. I found him able to adapt to my particular frame of mind on any given day and tailor our sessions accordingly, ensuring that each session resulted in maximum value / maximum return, even on days when my frame of mind was such that I believed it might not.

urlIan SchatzbergPresident at Wednesday Creative Agency
“I came to John to help bring greater clarity into my life’s goals during a period of transition. I found our conversations extremely helpful in bringing a great sense of structure to my entrepreneurial leanings and left each session with a clear sense of forward movement. I appreciate John’s willingness to listen and provide real-time actionable feedback that helped provide me steer and a sense of direction.”
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